Sunday, July 31, 2011

Konad stamp - m73 and 57 over Haute as Hello

Not an entirely original idea, i saw it here and thought it was super cute and  i've been wanting to try. I just got a new image plate, Konda m73, and thought it would be a good way to try them out. I need a thicker white, mine is super cheap and doesn't show up well at all for stamping. but oh well, sometimes subtle is better. :) see that purple stripe on my index finger? see below for explanation. :(

So far i only have 2 konda plates, i really enjoy them when i use them, but i haven't used them to their full extent just yet. How many nail stamping plates do you have?

ps. my fingers are really dry and funny looking in these pics, i had been using pure acetone to remove my nail polish and it was really starting to mess up my skin. i recently got a new remover from Sally's with wheat protein and vitamin E,  hopefully that will help me out. 

 Left hand - remember kids, always clean off your stamper and plate before use, even if they look clean, or you'll end up with a stupid purple stripe on your nail like auntie joy. :(

right hand

Orly Shine on crazy diamond and Essie Haute as Hello

close up right hand

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